Matthew Ebel SMCPrinceton Event

Matthew Ebel/Social Media Club Princeton NJThis month’s meeting was a change of pace for our group.  After finally getting a chance to socialize and network with fellow members, independent piano rocker Matthew Ebel talked to the group about how he’s crafted his business model to earn a living from selling his music.  Matthew explained how he doesn’t just sell his music on iTunes, but has dedicated fans that purchase subscription plans that give them access to much more than just his music (including new songs every month).  Matthew also licenses his music for professional use and actively works with PR / advertising / marketing firms to produce music for hire.

We were lucky enough to have Matthew not only travel from Boston MA speak to our group, but give us a performance!  We were treated to an amazing live show that was also broadcast on the internet using Ustream.TV.  Matthew’s concerts are listed as a ‘Featured Show’ and attracts as many as 10,000 simultaneous viewers.  You can catch his shows – live & for free – online weekly.

SMCPrinceton & Matthew Ebel Photo Slideshow

(Thanks to Jay Bryant for grabbing my camera and snapping some photos!)

We would also like to thank VMeals and Rojo Loco for catering the night’s event!  If you ever need event catering in New Jersey, Philadelphia, or Boston, be sure to give Peter a call at 434.817.6145.

It is our hope and mission to provide unique and informative meetups to the Social Media Club – and that doesn’t always mean showing up, sitting down, watching a Power Point, taking notes, and leaving.  We strive to be *social* and reach beyond the technology.  Our group also attracts attendees from as far as NYC, Philadelphia, Delaware and  – of course – all over New Jersey.  If you are interested in expanding your experiences, learning new ideas and concepts, and meeting new people – we would love to have you!  Be sure to check our calendar to find out our meeting dates!

One Response to “Matthew Ebel SMCPrinceton Event”

  1. Molly Fulton Says:

    Looks like a great meeting. Interesting to see how an artist like Matthew Ebel uses socila media to promote his work. Thanks for the shout out for Vmeals!@mollyfulton

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